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4189 - 微積分甲〈一〉 Calculus A (I)

教育目標 Course Target

1、本課程之目標在學習 極限、微分、和積分 的觀念與應用。 2、課堂上所授教材,為本課程之核心。 3、採主題式教學。教學進度表所列,即為授課之主題。 4、微分和積分兩個定義(觀念),為本課程之主軸,而所有授課主題皆為此二定義所推演出來的結果。 5、修課學生必須 1) 隨時掌握主軸 2) 體會每個主題 3)努力閱讀原文教科書 4) 隨時提問。 6、教學進度會隨著各種假期而調整。1. The goal of this course is to learn the concepts and applications of limits, differentiation, and points. 2. The textbooks taught in the class are the core of the course. 3, adopt the theme of teaching. The teaching schedule is listed as the subject of the lecture. 4. The two definitions (concepts) of differential and integral are the main axes of the course, and all the themes of the lectures are the results of the two definitions. 5, students must 1) Master the spindle at any time 2) Experience each theme 3) Try to read the original textbook 4) Ask questions at any time. 6. The teaching progress will be adjusted with various holidays.

課程概述 Course Description

微積分是討論 ”極限(Limit)” 這一觀念的數學。有兩種特定的極限定義,分別稱作微分(Differentiation)和積分(Integration)。本課程之內容即為極限、微分、和積分之觀念及應用。
Calculus is the mathematics that discusses the notion of "Limit". There are two specific limit definitions, called differentiation and integration. The content of this course is the concept and application of limits, differentiation, and points.

參考書目 Reference Books

Announced after school

評分方式 Grading

評分項目 Grading Method 配分比例 Grading percentage 說明 Description
Exam 1Exam 1
Exam 1
20 所有考試日期已列於教學大綱裡
Exam 2Exam 2
Exam 2
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學分 Credit:3-0
上課時間 Course Time:Wednesday/6,7,8,Friday/6[AG203]
授課教師 Teacher:謝維華
修課班級 Class:化材,環工,資電,電機1
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