course information of 107 - 1 | 0430 Value and Culture: Capstone Course(價值與文化:總整課程)

0430 - 價值與文化:總整課程 Value and Culture: Capstone Course

教育目標 Course Target

本課程係針對「價值與文化」模組選修課所設計之總整課程,以協助學生結合理論與實踐,將哲學理論應用於具體生活中。其具體目標有三: (1)使學生對價值哲學與文化哲學之總體特徵有基本理解、(2)使學生能將所學理論舉一反三實踐在個人日常生活中、(3)鼓勵學生運用各種新素材與表現方式來運用哲學理論。This course is designed to cover the entire curriculum of the Value and Culture module electives to help students apply philosophical theory to specific life in combination with theory and practice. There are three specific objectives: (1) to make students have a basic understanding of the overall characteristics of value philosophy and cultural philosophy, (2) to enable students to practice the theory of learning in their daily lives, and (3) to encourage students to use various new materials. Use philosophical theory with expression.

參考書目 Reference Books

1. 賀瑞麟,《今天學美學了沒》,台北市:商周出版社,2015。
2. Wolfgang Ullrich, Alles nur Konsum, Berlin: Verlag Klaus Wagenhach, 2014.(中譯參考:《不只是消費》,李昕彥譯,台北:商周出版社,2015。)
1. He Ruilin, "Today's Aesthetics," Taipei City: Shangzhou Publishing House, 2015.
2. Wolfgang Ullrich, Alles nur Konsum, Berlin: Verlag Klaus Wagenhach, 2014. (Chinese translation reference: "Not just consumption", translated by Li Yiyan, Taipei: Shang and Zhou Press, 2015.)

評分方式 Grading

評分項目 Grading Method 配分比例 Grading percentage 說明 Description
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學分 Credit:2-0
上課時間 Course Time:Monday/7,8
授課教師 Teacher:蔡偉鼎
修課班級 Class:哲學系2-4
選課備註 Memo:西哲,學生修畢3門本模組課程方得選修總整課程,須至系辦辦理人工加選

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