course information of 107 - 1 | 0427 Creative Writing of Philosophical Stories for Children(I)(價值與文化:兒童哲學故事寫作(一))

0427 - 價值與文化:兒童哲學故事寫作(一) Creative Writing of Philosophical Stories for Children(I)

教育目標 Course Target

為使哲學基礎課程得以與創意實作結合,將哲學教育向下扎根,以達到延伸哲學教育觸角之目的,本課程之設計特別由授課教師以密集授課方式帶領修課同學們分組研討,共同發揮巧思與創意,引導其將哲學理論與概念思辨改編成適合小學中年級兒童的哲學故事,並製成繪本以作為學習成果。此外,為令學習成果能讓兒童容易理解,本課程亦安排選課同學們實際到小學的閱讀活動或課程中對小學生說故事,並使用他們所繪製的哲學故事做為教材。本課程試圖一方面透過改編深奧難懂的哲學思想以成為更加平易近人的故事,來達到激發同學們的創造力與創意之目標,另一方面則透過哲學故事改寫的實作,以及到小學的教學現場說故事的活動,使得同學們能走出學院、進入實際創作與教學的場域,體認學習與實作的價值。 本課程係結合實作與理論的一門哲學文創課程,課程時程設計包括五個部分:期中考週前分組討論與製作繪本、邀請專家學者做相關演講、期中考週展示初步成果、期中考週後赴合作小學實地展演、以及期末考週反思與檢討。有鑑於上述五個部分皆難以按照一般制式課表時間來施行,而必須有一定程度的機動性,故課程之進行亦將採取集中授課的方式為之。In order to combine the philosophical foundation course with the creative practice, and to take the philosophical education down to achieve the purpose of extending the philosophical education tentacles, the design of the course is specially guided by the instructors to intensively teach the classmates to discuss and work together. Ingenuity and creativity lead the philosophical theory and conceptual speculation into a philosophical story suitable for middle-aged children in elementary school, and made a picture book as a learning outcome. In addition, in order to make the learning results easy for children to understand, the course also arranges the students to actually tell the story to the primary school students in the reading activities or courses in the primary school, and use the philosophical stories they draw as the teaching materials. This course attempts to achieve the goal of stimulating students' creativity and creativity by adapting esoteric philosophies to become more accessible and fascinating. On the other hand, the practice of rewriting through philosophical stories and teaching in elementary schools The story-telling activities on the spot enable students to walk out of the college, enter the field of actual creation and teaching, and recognize the value of learning and implementation. This course is a philosophical and creative course combining practice and theory. The curriculum design consists of five parts: mid-term mid-week group discussion and production of picture books, invitation of experts and scholars to make relevant speeches, mid-term examination week to show preliminary results, mid-term test After the week, I went to the cooperative primary school field performance and the final review week to reflect and review. In view of the fact that the above five parts are difficult to implement in accordance with the timetable of the general standard schedule, and must have a certain degree of mobility, the course will also be conducted in a centralized manner.

參考書目 Reference Books

1. 林正弘,《想一想哲學問題》,三民出版社,2003。
2. 梁瑞祥、傅皓政、蒲世豪、葉榮福、邱武科、徐昀霖,《兒童哲學:基礎理論、教學方法》,五南出版社,2012。
3. Brigitte Labbe著,《哲學種子(精裝版1-4):勇氣與恐懼+自由與不自由+美與醜+愛情與友情》,謝蕙心、殷麗君等譯,米奇巴克出版社,2015。
4. Brigitte Labbe著,《哲學種子(精裝版5-8):什麼是好?什麼是壞?+知道與不知道+領導者與其他人+身體與心靈》,謝蕙心、殷麗君等譯,米奇巴克出版社,2015。
1. Lin Zhenghong, “Thinking about Philosophical Problems”, Sanmin Publishing House, 2003.
2. Liang Ruixiang, Fu Yizheng, Pu Shihao, Ye Rongfu, Qiu Wuke, Xu Yulin, Children's Philosophy: Basic Theory, Teaching Methods, Wunan Publishing House, 2012.
3. Brigitte Labbe, "Philosophy Seeds (Hardcover Edition 1-4): Courage and Fear + Freedom and Not Freedom + Beauty and Ugly + Love and Friendship", Xie Yuxin, Yin Lijun, etc., Mickey Buck Press, 2015.
4. Brigitte Labbe, "Philosophy Seeds (Hardcover 5-8): What is good? What is bad? +Know and don't know +Leaders and others +body and mind", Xie Yuxin, Yin Lijun, etc., Mickey Barker, 2015.

評分方式 Grading

評分項目 Grading Method 配分比例 Grading percentage 說明 Description
Usual grades
Interim results report
Final report and presentation
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