course information of 107 - 1 | 0249 History of Society And Culture During The Ming-Qing Period(明清社會文化史)

0249 - 明清社會文化史 History of Society And Culture During The Ming-Qing Period

教育目標 Course Target

隨著社會文化史研究的活絡,與民眾生活相關的文獻越來越受重視,而討論議題也趨於多元。為呈現明清社會的活潑萬象,本課程將利用文集筆記、通俗小說、圖像資料等文獻,以人物活動與物質文化為中心設計課程內容,旨在呈現明清社會的發展及其承先啟後的歷史地位。With the active study of social and cultural history, the literature related to people's lives has received more and more attention, and the topics of discussion have become more diverse. In order to present the lively and vivid life of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, this course will use the collection of notes, popular novels, image materials and other literature to design the course content centered on the character activities and material culture, aiming to present the development of the Ming and Qing Dynasties and its history. status.

參考書目 Reference Books

Chen Baoliang, "The History of Social Life in the Ming Dynasty", Beijing: China Social Sciences Press, 2004.

評分方式 Grading

評分項目 Grading Method 配分比例 Grading percentage 說明 Description
Attendance and discussion in the classroom literature
25 1.修課同學每週簽到,學期間6週(含)缺席者,此項成績以零分計算。2.配合不同的課程主題,將不定期要求同學於課堂中分組討論與撰寫作業。
Semester assignment
15 於第一週課程中說明
Midterm exam
30 申論題
Final exam
30 申論題
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學分 Credit:3-0
上課時間 Course Time:Tuesday/6,7,8[H309]
授課教師 Teacher:吳靜芳
修課班級 Class:歷史系2-4
選課備註 Memo:第一堂課未出席者,視同放棄,將逕予退選。

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