course information of 107 - 1 | 0245 Historical Methods (I): Historical(史學方法(上))

0245 - 史學方法(上) Historical Methods (I): Historical

教育目標 Course Target

教學目的:Purpose 本課程主要在訓練初入門的學生熟習歷史學與人文學研究的方法及其理論。本課程的重心在於研究方法的實踐方面,其最後目的在於養成文科學生備有獨立思考、探討與解決複雜問題的能力。 教學內容:Contents 1)上學期的授課重點在於初階的史學方法應用部分。下學期的重心在於史學理論(尤其是西方史學理論)方面。 2)上下兩學期的課程設計都是由兩個部分所組成:理論與實踐。 3)理論部分主要由教師在課堂上講解說明,配合此一講解的是由教師所製作的教學投影片。 4)實踐部分主要在於訓練資料的收集、整理、批判、分析,與闡釋。在這一方面,它主要涵蓋兩部分:其一是基礎訓練,任務在完成一篇具有批判性質的論文摘要。其二是整合訓練,任務是完成文獻回顧(上學期)與研究設計(下學期)。 *上學期的“史學方法”訓練,將以網路資源為重心。利用網路使用電子期刊。Teaching Purpose: Purpose This course is designed to familiarize students with the methods and theories of history and humanities research. The focus of this course is on the practical aspects of research methods. The ultimate goal is to develop the ability of liberal arts students to think independently, explore and solve complex problems. Teaching content: Contents 1) The focus of the last semester is on the application of the preliminary history method. The focus of the next semester lies in the theory of history (especially the theory of Western historiography). 2) The curriculum design of the next two semesters is composed of two parts: theory and practice. 3) The theoretical part is mainly explained by the teacher in the classroom. The explanation is based on the teaching slide produced by the teacher. 4) The practice part mainly focuses on the collection, collation, criticism, analysis, and interpretation of training materials. In this respect, it mainly covers two parts: one is basic training, and the task is to complete a critical abstract of the paper. The second is integrated training, the task is to complete the literature review (last semester) and research design (the next semester). * The "history method" training of the last semester will focus on network resources. Use electronic journals on the web.

參考書目 Reference Books

Robert Shafer, 《史學方法》 (A Guide To Historical Method) (台北:五南)
Robert Shafer, A Guide To Historical Method (Taipei: Wunan)

評分方式 Grading

評分項目 Grading Method 配分比例 Grading percentage 說明 Description
Class ParticipationClass Participation
Class Participation
Book ReviewBook Review
Book Review
30 10pages max. + PPT
Term paper (書目論文)Term paper (書目論文)
Term paper (bibliographic paper)
40 25pages max. + PPT
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學分 Credit:2-0
上課時間 Course Time:Wednesday/3,4[H308]
授課教師 Teacher:丘為君
修課班級 Class:歷史系2
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