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0055 - 明代小說 Ming Period Fiction

教育目標 Course Target

中國古典章回小說始盛於明代,三國、水滸、西遊、金瓶合稱為四大說部。然而古典短篇小說的發展,歷經馮夢龍三言、凌濛初兩拍、陸人龍一型的創作、改寫與出版,也有玩熟的發展軌跡。本課程概述此發展現象,並期望修課學生閱讀明代小說文本,熟悉故事內容,並增加古文閱讀能力。同時理解現代文學與網路之創作,有大量靈感與材料悉從明代小說中的借取,期望學生可從中吸取經驗,培養文本再創的能力。 The Chinese classical Zhang Hui novels began in the Ming Dynasty, and the Three Kingdoms, Shuiyu, Xiyou, and Jinbo were called the four major departments. However, the development of classical short stories, after Feng Menglong's three words, Ling Xiaochu's two shots, Lu Renlong's creation, rewriting and publishing, also has a familiar development track. This course outlines this development phenomenon and expects students to read the texts of Ming Dynasty novels, familiarize themselves with the content of the story, and increase the reading ability of ancient Chinese. At the same time, understanding the creation of modern literature and the Internet, there are a lot of inspirations and materials to learn from the novels of the Ming Dynasty, expecting students to learn from them and cultivate the ability to recreate the text.

參考書目 Reference Books

甲、 黃霖等著《中國小說研究史》,合肥:安徽教育,2001年8月
乙、 齊裕焜《明代小說史》,杭州:浙江古籍,1997年6月
丙、 陳大康《明代小說史》,上海:上海文藝,2000年10月
丁、 水滸、三國、西遊、金瓶等文本,採用台北三民書局印本。
戊、 古話新說:古典短篇小說選讀,台北:洪業,2007年9月。
己、 課堂講義

金瓶梅(中國哲學書電子化計畫) https://ctext.org/jinpingmei/zh
網路展書讀(羅鳳珠老師紀念網站) http://cls.lib.ntu.edu.tw/

Main reference book
A, Huang Lin and other "History of Chinese Novel Studies", Hefei: Anhui Education, August 2001
B, Qi Yuzhen, "History of the Ming Dynasty Novels", Hangzhou: Zhejiang Ancient Books, June 1997
C, Chen Dakang, History of Novels in the Ming Dynasty, Shanghai: Shanghai Literature and Art, October 2000
Ding, Shui, Three Kingdoms, Journey to the West, Jin Ping and other texts, printed in Taipei Sanmin Book Company.
New in the Epoch, Old Classics: Selected Readings of Classical Short Stories, Taipei: Hongye, September 2007.
Self-speaking lectures

Network information
Ming and Qing novel research http://www.mqxs.com/
Open Literature (2018 Zhu Bangfu Studio) http://open-lit.com/
Ming and Qing studies http://blog.roodo.com/wuliang/
The study of the Ming Dynasty https://project.ncnu.edu.tw/jms/?page_id=1091
Journey to Grand View http://www.eywedu.net/xiyouji/index.html
Hanchuan Grasshopper http://www.xn--5rtnx620bw5s.tw/e/e5/e05.htm
Jin Pingmei (Chinese Philosophical Electronic Project) https://ctext.org/jinpingmei/zh
Chinese classical novels full novel network http://big5.quanben-xiaoshuo.com/category/gudianxiaoshuo.html
Online Exhibition Reading (Mr. Luo Fengzhu Memorial Website) http://cls.lib.ntu.edu.tw/

評分方式 Grading

評分項目 Grading Method 配分比例 Grading percentage 說明 Description
Mid-term test scores
30 申論題
Final report
30 申論題
Final paper report
30 3000-6000字
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學分 Credit:2-0
上課時間 Course Time:Friday/3,4[H305]
授課教師 Teacher:許建崑
修課班級 Class:中文系3
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