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0048 - 比較文學概論 Introduction of Comparative Literature

教育目標 Course Target

一、以比較文學學科跨文化視域與方法為途徑,閱讀不同文化的文學文本,欣賞「差異」。 二、探討各國文本在差異背後的文化意涵、觀察在相互的影響下,跨文化改寫融通出新文本的意義。 三、以比較文學學科跨藝術視域與方法為途徑,閱讀與創作跨藝術文類與媒介的文學文本。 四、閱讀與解析具各國文本,使學生瞭解具國族特色又與世界文化融通的文本之意義與創作取向。 五、以實作方式,引導學生進行跨文化與跨藝術文本的實作,由實作面引導學生了解比較文學研究。1. Using the cross-cultural perspectives and methods of comparative literature as a way to read literary texts of different cultures and appreciate the "differences". Second, to explore the cultural implications behind the differences between the texts of various countries, and observe the impact of cross-cultural rewriting of new texts under the influence of each other. Third, the literary texts of cross-art literary and media are read and created through the cross-art view and method of comparative literature. Fourth, reading and analysing texts from various countries, so that students can understand the meaning and creative orientation of texts with national characteristics and world culture. Fifth, in a practical way, guide students to conduct cross-cultural and cross-art texts, and guide students to understand comparative literature research.

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學分 Credit:3-0
上課時間 Course Time:Tuesday/6,7,8[H306]
授課教師 Teacher:朱衣仙
修課班級 Class:中文系3
選課備註 Memo:通識中心3255雙掛課程

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