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0029 - 訓詁學 Historical Chinese Semantics

教育目標 Course Target

訓詁為研究意義的學問。本課程目標不僅使同學習得分析研究古辭古義的方法,並了解其中的精義,從而引申應用於現代社會。除了解釋傳統的訓詁觀念之外,並傳授現代詞匯語義學之知識,更以古今例證參照,使學生瞭解如何融合古今。Exegesis is the study of meaning. The goal of this course is not only to enable students to analyze and study the ancient ways of meaning, but also to understand the essence of it, and thus to apply to modern society. In addition to explaining the traditional concept of exegesis, and imparting knowledge of modern lexical semantics, it is also based on ancient and modern illustrations to enable students to understand how to integrate ancient and modern.

課程概述 Course Description

A班 本課程為大四必修課程,授課內容主要為訓詁方法與詞義解釋相關論題。將學生以往所習文字、聲韻、修辭、文法、文化等種種語文能力聚合起來,增進學生閱讀古籍之能力,並進而能為古籍註解。 B班 本課程為中文系大四必修課程。學生歷經文字學、聲韻學之訓練,已具備相當程度之古漢語知識;通過訓詁學系統之整合,學生將更可以融會貫通具體應用,以解決古今漢語相關之問題。本課程詳細介紹訓詁觀念,並以具體方法與實際例證,使學生瞭解如何運用訓詁。無論對於從事漢語專業研究,或中國文學相關領域研究,以及中文教學,均能產生積極作用。
Class A This course is a compulsory course for seniors. The content of the course is mainly related to the exegesis method and the meaning interpretation. The students' literary abilities, rhyme, rhetoric, grammar, culture and other language abilities are aggregated to enhance students' ability to read ancient books, and then they can explain the ancient books. Class B This course is a compulsory course for the Chinese Department. Through the training of philology and phonology, students have a considerable degree of knowledge of ancient Chinese. Through the integration of the training system, students will be able to integrate specific applications to solve the problems related to ancient and modern Chinese. This course introduces the concept of exegesis in detail, and uses specific methods and practical examples to help students understand how to use the exegesis. Whether it is for Chinese major studies, or Chinese literature related fields, and Chinese teaching, it can have a positive effect.

參考書目 Reference Books

實用訓詁學 周碧香 洪葉出版社
Practical Exegesis Zhou Bixiang Hong Ye Publishing House
Self-edited lecture projection

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Midterm exam
Final exam
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學分 Credit:2-2
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授課教師 Teacher:周玟慧
修課班級 Class:中文系4A
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