course information of 106 - 2 | 2971 The Practice of Arbitration, Mediation(仲裁調解與談判實務)

2971 - 仲裁調解與談判實務 The Practice of Arbitration, Mediation

教育目標 Course Target

瞭解仲裁程序之內容,掌握企業法務談判相關實務,建立進行談判所應具備之基本認知,未來從事法律談判工作領域時能加以運用。Understand the content of the arbitral proceedings, master the relevant practices of corporate legal negotiations, and establish the basic understanding that should be carried out in the negotiations, which can be used in the future work in the field of legal negotiation.

參考書目 Reference Books

教材: 劉必榮 著,談判,時報出版,1994年6月10日
Roger Fisher& William Ury 著/羅竹茜 譯,實質利益談判法─跳脫立場之爭,遠流出版,1994年
Roger Fisher& William Ury 著,Getting To Yes─Negotiation Agreement Without Giving In,林口圖書,1984年
Michael R. Carrell& Christina Heavrin著/黃丹力 譯,談判新時代─談判要領之理論、技巧與實踐,學富文化,2010年

(Textbooks must not be illegally photocopied by the concept of intellectual property rights)
Textbook: Liu Birong, Negotiation, Times Publishing, June 10, 1994
Roger Fisher & William Ury / Luo Zhuyu Translated, the Substantive Interest Negotiation Law - The Dispute of Dispute, Far Stream Publishing, 1994
Reference books:
Roger Fisher & William Ury, Getting To Yes-Negotiation Agreement Without Giving In, Linkou Books, 1984
Michael R. Carrell & Christina Heavrin / Huang Danli Translated, Negotiating a New Era - Theory, Skills and Practice of Negotiation Essentials, Learning Rich Culture, 2010

評分方式 Grading

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學分 Credit:0-2
上課時間 Course Time:Tuesday/8,9[C118]
授課教師 Teacher:李 成
修課班級 Class:共選2-4(法律學院開)
選課備註 Memo:企業法律學程選修、國際經貿法制選修學群、科技法律選修學群

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