course information of 106 - 2 | 1174 Internship in Professional Practice(業界實習)

1174 - 業界實習 Internship in Professional Practice

教育目標 Course Target

希望能透過本課程縮短產學落差,讓學生在大學前三年所學,能有機會獲得實際應用的機會, 並透過本課程了解業界實際問題的處理與所需的技術能力,讓學生能自我了解與自我省思未來發展的方向。I hope that through this course, we can shorten the gap between industry and university, let students learn in the first three years of college, and have the opportunity to get practical application opportunities. Through this course, you can understand the processing and practical technical skills of the actual problems in the industry, so that students can understand themselves and think about the future development direction.

課程概述 Course Description

Due to the rapid advancement of information technology, graduates of the Information Science Department must be able to successfully meet the needs of the industry. Having sufficient practical experience has become an indispensable part of information education. However, traditional internships are usually only available to students for practical training opportunities. For most industries, it is difficult for students to be fully recognized as effective practical qualifications during their internship experience. Therefore, in order to enable the students of the department to participate in the academic course training during their studies, they can actually participate in the real practice of the information company, in order to obtain a degree at the time of graduation.

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評分方式 Grading

評分項目 Grading Method 配分比例 Grading percentage 說明 Description
Overall performance of the industry internship
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學分 Credit:0-3
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授課教師 Teacher:許瑞愷
修課班級 Class:資工系4
選課備註 Memo:人工選課;時間另訂;職涯課程,列為一般選修

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