course information of 106 - 1 | 5221 Colloquium: Fundamental Problems(哲學基本問題與論文寫作)

5221 - 哲學基本問題與論文寫作 Colloquium: Fundamental Problems

教育目標 Course Target

課程分為二個階段:(1)首先由任課教師對學生講解寫作論文之方法與格式(包括主題之選擇、問題之釐清、研究範圍與步驟之訂定)。(2)修課學生排定論文發表次序,依序繳交論文,並進行討論。原則上每位學生發表一篇論文,並由兩名學生評論。任課教師於論文發表時導引討論的進行。 1.閱讀哲學文本。 2.寫作研究報告。 3.提問與評論。The course is divided into two phases: (1) First, the instructor will explain the method and format of the writing the thesis (including the choice of the subject, the clarification of the problem, the scope of the research and the steps). (2) The students are scheduled to publish the papers, and the papers are submitted in order and discussed. In principle, each student publishes a paper and is reviewed by two students. The teacher guides the discussion during the publication of the paper. 1. Read the philosophical text. 2. Writing research report. 3. Questions and comments.

參考書目 Reference Books

This department, the author of the paper writing format requirements regulations demonstration

評分方式 Grading

評分項目 Grading Method 配分比例 Grading percentage 說明 Description
Attendance rate
20 依出席登記表給分
Participate in the discussion
40 由授課教師分別給分後,取其平均分數
Final paper grade
40 每篇論文繳送所有授課教師分別給分後,取其平均分數
交換生/外籍生選課登記 - 請點選下方按鈕加入登記清單,再列印出選課申請表給任課教師簽名
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Course Information


學分 Credit:1-1
上課時間 Course Time:Thursday/10,11,12[H452]
授課教師 Teacher:史偉民/林久絡
修課班級 Class:哲學碩,碩專,博1
選課備註 Memo:共6次課,每次3小時

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