course information of 106 - 1 | 5146 History of Southeast Asia- New Horse(東南亞史專題研究—新馬華人)

5146 - 東南亞史專題研究—新馬華人 History of Southeast Asia- New Horse

教育目標 Course Target

新加坡及馬來(西)亞華族南遷多年,自有其歴史與文化,本課擬對同學對當地華族有所認識,進而探討其原鄉的各種外移原因、新馬社會結構與變遷,以及其今日在新加坡及馬來西亞的政治、社會與經濟地位。Singapore and Malay (West) Asia and China to the south for many years, its own history and culture, this class intends to students on the local Chinese have some understanding, and then explore the reasons for the relocation of the original township, the new horse social structure and changes, As well as its political, social and economic status in Singapore and Malaysia today.

參考書目 Reference Books

1. 王賡武著,張奕善譯,《南洋華人簡史》(台北:水牛,1969年),或其他版本。
2. 古鴻廷,《東南亞華僑認同問題之研究》(台北:聯經,1994年)。
3. 林水檺,《馬來西亞華人史》(吉隆坡:馬來西亞留名台校友會聯合總會,1984年。)。
1. 陳 達,《南洋華僑與閩粵社會》(上海:商務,1949年)。
2. 陳烈甫,《李光耀治下的新加坡》,台北:台灣商務印書館,1985年。
3. 崔貴強,《新馬華人國家認同的轉向,1945-1959》(新加坡:南洋學會,1990年)。
4. 吳劍雄,《海外移民與華人社會》(台北:允晨,1993年)。
5. 古鴻廷、莊國土等著,《當代華商經貿網絡——海峽兩岸與東南亞》,台北:稻鄉,2002年。
6. 古鴻廷、曹淑瑤〈近代東南亞華族移民重商原因之探討〉,Journal of Diaspora Studies, 2008:2, pp.148-169.
7. 曹淑瑶,《國家建構與民族認同:馬來西亞華文大專院校之探討(1965-2005)》,厦門:厦門大學出版社,2010年。

1. Wang Gengwu, Zhang Yishan translation, "A brief history of the South China" (Taipei: Buffalo, 1969), or other versions.
2. Ancient Hung Ting, "Study on the Identity of Overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia" (Taipei: Lianjing, 1994).
3. Forest Water, "History of Malaysian Chinese" (Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia Association of Taiwan Alumni Association, 1984).
Reference books:
1. Chen Da, "Southeast Asian Overseas Chinese and Fujian and Guangdong Society" (Shanghai: business, 1949).
2. Chen Liefu, "Lee Kuan Yew under the rule of Singapore", Taipei: Taiwan Commercial Press, 1985.
3. Cui Guijiang, "New Malaysia Chinese National Identity, 1945-1959" (Singapore: Nanyang Institute, 1990).
4. Wu Jianxiong, "Overseas Immigration and Chinese Society" (Taipei: Yun Chen, 1993).
5. Ancient Hongting, Zhuang Guotu waiting, "contemporary Chinese business and economic network - the two sides of the strait and Southeast Asia", Taipei: rice Township, 2002.
6. GU Hong-ting, CAO Shu-yao , Journal of Diaspora Studies, 2008: 2, pp.148-169.
7. Cao Shuyao, "State Construction and National Identity: A Study of Malaysian Chinese Universities (1965-2005)", Xiamen: Xiamen University Press, 2010.

評分方式 Grading

評分項目 Grading Method 配分比例 Grading percentage 說明 Description
End of the report, the usual performance
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學分 Credit:3-0
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