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5024 - 語言認知專題 Special Study of Cognitive Linguistics

教育目標 Course Target

■ 課程目標 (Course Objectives) 我們如何為我們的世界的萬事萬物分類?如何觀察事物?如何詮釋我們的所為所思所感?這一切反映了人對其生活的世界之瞭解、整理以及應對的方式,反映了我們如何了解自己的世界與生活經驗,也反映了文化因素的滲透。這一切可經由我們習以為常的語言洞悉其中的奧秘。本課程從認知語言學的角度,以日常生活中的語言現象為基礎,經由理論講解、範式研討、實際運用等程序,帶領修課同學從語言運用的各層面(日常語言表述、新聞報導、廣告文案、詩文作品等)探討語言和認知運作及文化思維之間的互動影響,透視隱含其中的思維模式與社會文化意涵,從而開發學生解析語言、文化與文學的思辨能力。 ■ Course Objectives How do we classify everything in our world? How do we observe things? How do we interpret what we feel? All this reflects how people understand, organize, and respond to the world in which they live, and how we understand ourselves The world and life experience also reflect the infiltration of cultural factors. All this insight into the mysteries of the language we are accustomed to. From the perspective of cognitive linguistics, this course builds on the linguistic phenomena in everyday life. Through the process of theoretical explanation, paradigmatic study and practical application, the course leads the students from all levels of language use (daily language presentation, news coverage, advertising Copywriting, poetry and other works) to explore the interaction between language and cognitive operation and cultural thinking, perspective implicit thinking mode and social cultural implications, thus developing students to analyze language, culture and literary ability to think.

參考書目 Reference Books

彭利貞等譯2009(Ungerer & Schmid 2006原著)《認知語言學導論》(An Introduction to Cognitive Linguistics),上海:復旦大學出版社(Ungerer, F. and H. J. Schmid. 1996. An Introduction to Cognitive Linguistics(. Longman.)
李葆嘉等譯注(George Lakoff 1987原著)2017《女人、火與危險事物——範疇顯示的心智》(Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things: What categories reveal about the mind),北京:世界圖書出版公司。
蘇以文 畢永峨主編 2009,《語言與認知》,台北:臺大出版中心。
蘇以文 2005,《隱喻與認知》台北:國立台灣大學通識課程教學參考資料叢書
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王寅著 2010《認知語言學》,上海外語教育出版社。

An Introduction to Cognitive Linguistics, Shanghai: Fudan University Press, 2009 (Ungerer & Schmid, 2006). Longman.)
Li Baojia et al. Annotation (George Lakoff 1987 Original) 2017 Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things: What categories reveal about the mind, Beijing: World Book Publishing Company.
Su Yiwen Bi Yong'e editor 2009, "Language and Cognition", Taipei: National Taiwan University Press Center.
Su Yiwen 2005, "Metaphor and Cognition" Taipei: National Taiwan University General Education Course Reference Series
Introduction to Zhou Shi Zhen Translated Notes (Lakoff, George & Johnson, Original Mark 1980) 2006 "The Metaphors That We Remain to Survive" Taipei: China Publishing Press
Wang Yin 2010 "Cognitive Linguistics", Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press.

評分方式 Grading

評分項目 Grading Method 配分比例 Grading percentage 說明 Description
Usually attendance, homework and class discussions
Final verbal report
Period-end written report
Submit a journal or seminar
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學分 Credit:3-0
上課時間 Course Time:Friday/5,6,7[H518]
授課教師 Teacher:周世箴
修課班級 Class:中文碩博1,2
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