course information of 106 - 1 | 2000 Western Political Thoughts(西洋政治思想)

2000 - 西洋政治思想 Western Political Thoughts

教育目標 Course Target

探討西方規範性論述之所以重要,是要處理人與自然;人與人;以及人與自我之間的關係,幫助我們適應環境。做為萬物之靈,人們懂得形塑社會組織,經營社會生活,保障生存和提高生活品質。探討西方政治思想能夠讓我們瞭解問題,解決問題,形塑可欲價值。 在不同歷史階段,人們問題意識並不一樣,設想的解決手段也有所差異。例如,古希臘將奴隸制度視為理所當然,中世紀歐洲重視領主和附庸間的權利義務關係,當代西方國家得顧及雇主及受薪階級的不同需求。因此,研究政治思想不能脫離相對應的時空環境。Exploring Western normative discourse is important to deal with people and nature; people and people; and the relationship between people and self, to help us adapt to the environment. As the spirit of all things, people know how to shape social organizations, manage social life, guarantee survival and improve the quality of life. Exploring Western political thoughts allows us to understand problems, solve problems, and shape desirable values. In different historical stages, people have different awareness of problems and different solutions are envisaged. For example, ancient Greece took slavery for granted. Medieval Europe values ​​the rights and obligations between the lord and the vassal. Contemporary Western countries have to take into account the different needs of employers and the paid class. Therefore, the study of political thought cannot be separated from the corresponding space-time environment.

參考書目 Reference Books

Hu Zuqing, History of Western Political Thought, Taipei: Futaba, 2012

評分方式 Grading

評分項目 Grading Method 配分比例 Grading percentage 說明 Description
Midterm exam
Final exam
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