course information of 106 - 1 | 0801 Precalculus(微積分學前預備課程)

0801 - 微積分學前預備課程 Precalculus

教育目標 Course Target

「微積分」為本校理、工、管理學院各學系、經濟系與食品科學系之必修課程,其主要參考書幾乎都是英文版。根據以往的經驗,新生學習微積分的障礙肇因於:未能熟練高中數學的基本計算能力、未能正確理解以英文書寫的數學敘述。因此,應用數學系特於暑期開授2學分的「微積分學前預備課程(Precalculus)」密集課程,採取面授與線上影音課程自學兩種教學方式,第一週教師面授,第二週起修課同學觀看線上影音教材自學。完成課程及評量成績及格者,其2學分將計入畢業選修學分數。面授課程時間為 7 月 10日至 7 月 14日共計五日。每日上課時間為上午9-12時及下午14-17時,含教師授課、助教演習課以及隨堂考試。授課內容為高中數學課程中與微積分相關的部分做複習與加強。線上課程的開放時間為7月 10日至9月17日。在此期間同學可透過網路觀看教學影片並與助教進行問題討論。“Calculus” is a required course for all departments of the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Management, Economics, and Food Science. Its main reference books are almost always in English. Based on past experience, the barriers to learning calculus for freshmen are due to the inability to master the basic computational capabilities of high school mathematics and the failure to properly understand the mathematical narrative written in English. Therefore, the Department of Applied Mathematics specializes in offering 2 credits of "Calculus Precalculus Preschool" intensive courses in the summer. It adopts two types of teaching methods: face-to-face teaching and online video and audio course self-study. In the first week, the teacher provides face-to-face training. Watch self-learning on online video materials. Those who complete the course and pass grades will have their 2 credits taken into the graduation electives. The face-to-face courses last from July 10 to July 14 for a total of five days. The daily class hours are 9-12 am and 14-17 pm, including teacher teaching, teaching assistant exercises, and quizzes. The content of the lecture reviews and strengthens the calculus-related parts of the high school mathematics curriculum. The online course is open from July 10 to September 17. During this period, students can watch the video through the Internet and discuss issues with the TA.

參考書目 Reference Books

微積分學前預備課程(Precalculus), 杜淑儀編著
Precalculus preparatory calculus, written by Du Shuyi

評分方式 Grading

評分項目 Grading Method 配分比例 Grading percentage 說明 Description
Face time test
80 考試時間:下午 助教演習課時段
Freshman Math Ability Test
20 考試時間: 大學入門的系所時間
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