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0743 - 昆蟲學 Entomology

教育目標 Course Target

1 )了解昆蟲多樣性和認識周遭的常見昆蟲 2 )了解昆蟲體的設計和功能 3 )接觸到一些令人驚異的昆蟲的生存和繁殖策略 4 )了解昆蟲內的主要進化趨勢 5 )知道昆蟲是如何影響我們的日常生活昆蟲學是生物科學的一個分支,不僅在農業和流行病學上扮演著重要的角色,和人類日常生活的關係也甚為密切,為ㄧ不可缺之基本智識。本課程以生命科學系學生為主要授課對象,提供了一個一般性介紹昆蟲。涵蓋的主題包括昆蟲的多樣性,昆蟲重要結構(形態)和功能(生理學)之間的相互關係,昆蟲生態學和行為,以及昆蟲的經濟和醫學重要性方面的考慮,以簡報及演講方式進行。介紹昆蟲學的基本概念、生命起源與演化。希望能幫助學生們了解到底是何種因素讓昆蟲成功地在地球上繁衍的和欣賞的昆蟲形態和行為的多樣性,更希望能廣泛的開發學生們對於除了人類以外動物作為日後研究題材的研究興趣。透過本課程的介紹,可以讓大家能夠認識到周遭的常見昆蟲和了解他們的生物學和獨特的適應性。1) Learn about insect diversity and common insects around you 2) Learn about the design and function of insects 3) Exposure to some amazing insect survival and reproduction strategies 4) Understand the major evolutionary trends within insects 5) Knowing How Insects Affect Our Daily Life Entomology is a branch of biological science that plays an important role not only in agriculture and epidemiology, but also in the daily life of human beings Basic knowledge. This course focuses on life science students and provides a general introduction to insects. Topics covered include the diversity of insects, the relationship between the important structure (morphology) and function (physiology) of insects, the ecology and behavior of insects, and the economic and medical importance of insects, taking into account the presentation and mode of presentation get on. Introduce the basic concept of entomology, the origin and evolution of life. Hoping to help students understand exactly what makes the insects successfully multiply and admire the diversity of morphological and behavioral behavior of insects on Earth, and they also hope to widely develop their research on animals other than humans as future research topics interest. Through the introduction of this course, we can make everyone aware of the common insects around and understand their biology and unique adaptability.

課程概述 Course Description

昆蟲是地球上數量最豐、種類最多的動物。陸地上的動物中大約每六種就有五種是昆蟲。究竟昆蟲的龐大數量與多樣性純屬湊巧,還是有其緣由?如果昆蟲的多樣性並非偶然,我們是否能夠經由昆蟲的內部構造、生理、發生學以及生活史的諸多特性中找到原因?什麼是昆蟲演化的關鍵?探究昆蟲在自然界中為何如此重要將是這個課程的主題之一。 這個課程的目的是透過授課與閱讀的方式向大學生介紹昆蟲令人目眩神迷的多樣性與習性。藉由檢視昆蟲的演化史、內部構造、發生、食性、生活史策略、行為以及長久以來與人類間的互動(包括正面與負面),這門課將探索光怪陸離的昆蟲生物學。課程中安排的野外調查與實驗部分將提供親手操作的機會來採集並細察這些令人驚豔的動物。
Insects are the largest and most diverse species of animals on earth. About five out of every six animals on land are insects. Whether the huge number of insects and diversity is purely coincidental, or have their reasons? If the diversity of insects is not accidental, can we find the reason through many characteristics of insects' internal structure, physiology, genetics and life history? What is the key to the evolution of insects? Studying why insects are so important in nature will be one of the topics of this course. The purpose of this course is to introduce college students to the dazzling variety and habit of insects through teaching and reading. The course explores the bizarre insect biology by examining the evolutionary history, internal structure, occurrence, food habits, life history strategies, behaviors and long-standing interaction with humans, both positive and negative. The part of the fieldwork and experiment arranged in the course will provide hands-on opportunities to gather and scrutinize these stunning animals.

參考書目 Reference Books

Gullan, P. J. and P. S. Cranston. 2010. The insects: An outline of Entomology 4th Ed. Blackwell Science Press 590pp.
Entomology 3rd Ed. Gillott, C. 2005 Springer 835pp.
Gullan, P. J. and P. S. Cranston. 2010. The insects: An outline of Entomology 4th Ed. Blackwell Science Press 590pp.
Entomology 3rd Ed. Gillott, C. 2005 Springer 835pp.

評分方式 Grading

評分項目 Grading Method 配分比例 Grading percentage 說明 Description
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