course information of 106 - 1 | 0734 Animal Histology Lab.(動物組織學實驗)

0734 - 動物組織學實驗 Animal Histology Lab.

教育目標 Course Target

動物組織學實驗藉由實際的組織觀察, 讓同學實際觀察組織學玻片更深刻認識動物體內不同組織的型態以及分佈. 同時也會讓同學練習動物組織固定以及石蠟包埋, 並學習組織切片技術, 最後進行免疫組織染色標定特定蛋白的分佈. 一系列的實驗課程幫助同學習得組織研究的基本判斷能力以及組織操作技能.從組織學教度切入生物相容性相關內容,並達到以下教學目標:1. 延伸組織學課程培養生物相容性專業人才。2. 建立組織學課程與生醫材料廠的學術產業連結。本課程含實驗課主軸為習得基礎動物組織學專業知識及組織切片染色技術,進而延伸至產業應用。無論是基礎知識或是實務操作對於目標1中生物相容性專業人才的養成都是極為重要。由於理論和實作都直接延伸至產業需求,因此與目標2中跟生醫產業的學術連結相輔相成。The animal histology experiments through actual tissue observations allow the students to actually observe the histological slides to gain a deeper understanding of the type and distribution of different tissues in the animal body. At the same time, the students can also practice animal tissue fixation and paraffin embedding, and study the tissue sections. Technique, Finally, immunohistochemical staining is used to calibrate the distribution of specific proteins. A series of experimental courses help to learn the basic judgment skills and organizational operation skills of the organizational study. From the organizational education to cut into the biocompatibility related content, and achieve the following teaching goals : 1. Extend histology courses to develop biocompatibility professionals. 2. Establish an academic industry link between the histology course and the Biomedical Materials Factory. This course contains the experimental course major axis for the acquisition of basic animal histology expertise and tissue section staining technology, which in turn extends to industrial applications. Whether it is basic knowledge or practical operations is very important for the cultivation of Chengdu in the goal of bio-compatibility professionals. As the theory and practice are directly extended to the needs of the industry, the academic link with the biomedical industry in Objective 2 complements each other.

參考書目 Reference Books

Wheaters Functional Histology, A text and Color Atlas. 5th edition
Tokai Biosciences Animal Histology Experiment Handout
ISO10993-5 and ISO10993-6 Supplementary Information
Wheaters Functional Histology, A text and Color Atlas. 5th edition

評分方式 Grading

評分項目 Grading Method 配分比例 Grading percentage 說明 Description
Biocompatibility report
Interim report
Final exam
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學分 Credit:1-0
上課時間 Course Time:Friday/6,7,8[BS406]
授課教師 Teacher:趙偉廷
修課班級 Class:生科系3,4
選課備註 Memo:實驗室:BS406、402

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