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0728 - 人體解剖學 Human Anatomy

教育目標 Course Target

對於人類本身而言,瞭解自己身體的器官構造以及在身體中之相對的位置及關係是相當重要的,對生物醫學研究者而言瞭解身體結構更是重要。修習本課程之目的是希望同學能夠瞭解: 1.人類的組織、器官及系統的構造及其相對位置及關係。 2.透過正常器官構造之瞭解可使我們進一步瞭解基本臨床之診斷與治療。 3.透過對於人類解剖構造及位置之瞭解,有助於未來從事基礎研究的同學能夠熟悉模式動物例如鼠類及其他哺乳類之解剖構造。 本課程之教學內容主要是使同學瞭解人類的解剖構造及其在身體內的相對位置,主要內容包含下列內容:一、 身體的組成二、 骨骼系統三、 肌肉系統四、 神經系統五、 內分泌系統六、 心血管系統七、 呼吸系統八、 消化系統九、 泌尿系統十、 生殖系統For humans themselves, it is important to understand the organ structure of your body and the relative position and relationship in the body. It is even more important for biomedical researchers to understand the body structure. The purpose of this course is to hope that students can understand: 1. The structure, relative position and relationship of human tissues, organs and systems. 2. Through the understanding of normal organ structure, we can further understand the basic clinical diagnosis and treatment. 3. Through the understanding of human anatomy and location, students who are engaged in basic research in the future can be familiar with the anatomy of model animals such as rodents and other mammals. The main content of this course is to let students understand the human anatomy and its relative position in the body. The main contents include the following contents: 1. Body composition II, skeletal system III, muscle system IV, nervous system 5, endocrine system Sixth, cardiovascular system VII, respiratory system eight, digestive system nine, urinary system ten, reproductive system

參考書目 Reference Books

Human anatomy, 8th edition, Marieb, Wilhelm and Mallatt, 2017
Human anatomy, 8th edition, Marieb, Wilhelm and Mallatt, 2017

評分方式 Grading

評分項目 Grading Method 配分比例 Grading percentage 說明 Description
Written test twice
Special Report
Class performance and attendance
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