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0633 - 校外實習 Internship

教育目標 Course Target

為增加學生學用合一的能力,並提升學生職場競爭力,開設校外實習二學分課程。學生在課程中須至與東海大學化學系正式簽約之產業機構實習,實習經化學系學生校外實習委員會認可,為適合化學系學生實習之內容與場所,且確認可增進化學系學生化學相關能力,在遵守產業機構規範下進行實習。In order to increase students' ability to learn from oneness and enhance the competitiveness of their workplaces, a two-credit off-campus internship course has been set up. Students are required to attend an internship with an industrial organization that has formally signed a contract with the Department of Chemistry of Tokai University. The internship is approved by the School's Internship Practice Committee of Chemistry Department and is suitable for internship in Chemistry Department. It is also confirmed that chemistry-related ability of students in Chemistry Department can be enhanced. Abide by industry institutions under the practice of internships.

課程概述 Course Description

無論國內外景觀系,「校外實習」(Internship),是一門有學分之必修課程,通常安排於畢業學位取得的最後一年,主要目的是讓同學能親自體會及自我檢驗:在學校所學的,究竟與實務界所需求及操作者,二者是否相同?進而,也希望同學能及時調整自己的學習心態,並為將來進入實務界作準備。   有關「校外實習」之修課規定和執行細節,各校依其需求而有所不同。以本系來說,本課係安排在大三升大四之暑假,而且有擋修規定。首先,申請的同學,必須要先修過大三景觀設計且需及格者。再來,這個實習之執行全程,是必須在一位景觀師之指導下完成。這樣的用意,是希望對景觀專業之傳承、以及同學未來考照有助益。 有關實習總時數,至少200小時。如果以一般景觀公司之運作狀況來看,約莫為1個月左右的工作天,即可完成實習。在這樣的200小時內,同學不得向實習單位索取工資。至於今年度之實習申請,於5月6日正式開始,為期一個月,至6月12日截止。系上網路,也備有【實習單位名錄】,可供同學隨時查詢。 此外,由於本課成績,係登記於大四上學期,因此依學校規定,實習期間必須安排於大三升大四之暑假。學生如因個人理由,在時間上有困難而無法配合者,可延後於大四或大五暑假修習;但是,因此而造成之延後畢業問題,請自行負責。
Regardless of the landscape at home and abroad, Internship is a credit-required compulsory course usually arranged for the final year of graduation. Its main purpose is to enable students to personally experience and self-test: Is it the same with the needs of the practitioners and the operators? Furthermore, I also hope that students can adjust their learning attitude in time and prepare for the future practice. Depending on their needs, the programs and implementation details of "internship outside school" are different. To this department, this course is arranged in the summer of junior year summer, but also with the provisions of the block. First of all, students who apply must first pass the Junior Landscape Design and need to pass. In the meantime, the implementation of this internship must be completed under the guidance of a landscape architect. The intention is to help the succession of the landscape profession and the future examination of the students.     Total number of internships, at least 200 hours. If the operation of the general landscape company point of view, about one month or so working days, you can complete the internship. In such a 200-hour period, students are not allowed to obtain salaries from interns. As for this year's internship application, officially began on May 6 for a period of one month until June 12. Department of the Internet, but also with [internship directory] for students to inquire at any time.     In addition, since the course grades are registered in the fourth semester of the fourth semester, we must arrange for a summer vacation during the internship period according to the school rules. Students who, due to personal reasons, may find it difficult to co-ordinate in time, may be delayed in their freshman year or senior summer practice; however, students should be responsible for their postponement of graduation.

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評分方式 Grading

評分項目 Grading Method 配分比例 Grading percentage 說明 Description
Department of Chemistry, Tokai University
60 實習報告 30%、實習成果 20%、實習態度 10%
Industrial organization
40 實習成果 20%、實習態度 20%
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學分 Credit:2-0
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修課班級 Class:化學系4
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