course information of 106 - 1 | 0483 Special Topic on Creative Science (I)(創意科學實作專題(一))

0483 - 創意科學實作專題(一) Special Topic on Creative Science (I)

教育目標 Course Target

※以知識經濟為主軸的21世紀是一個競爭激烈的世紀,跨領域、能創新、有創意的人才是社會不可或缺的資產。隸屬理學院的應用物理、化學、生命科學和應用數學四系教育內涵含蓋物質科學、生命科學及數理邏輯,是現代人類科技文明發展的重要基石:但長久以來在進階教育、實作學習上鮮少有合作或協同訓練的機會。為建立理院師生跨領域學習平台、培養共同解決問題的經驗,以激勵創新創意的火花,執行東海大學「106年教學創新試辦計畫」。藉由此計畫的執行逐步建構出理學院之教學特色-跨領域創新創意學習及具備科學實作能力,發揮整體力量,提升學習成效,更重要的是培養具有跨領域、能創新、有創意解決問題的新世紀人才。 ※本課程堤共理學院各系同學在平時就有共同做事解決問題的經驗,以培養革命情感與默契,也傳授相關如何孕釀創新創意的方法,共同學習、合作解決困難的經驗。本學期主題為"火星任務II",鼓勵同學依任務編組,學習完成任務所需知識,並共同構思提出解決問題的具體方案! ※本課程修課同學必須參與9月份開學前一周(9/10-16)之間為期三天的培訓營 & 11月份的"科學創意競賽-火星任務II",呈現學習訓練的成果,以完成任務!※ The 21st century based on the knowledge-based economy is a highly competitive century. Cross-sector, innovative and creative talents are indispensable assets of the society. Under the Faculty of Science, Applied Physics, Chemistry, Life Science and Applied Mathematics The content of the four lines of education covers material science, life science and mathematical logic. It is an important foundation for the development of modern human civilization of science and technology. However, for a long time, advanced education has been practiced There is little chance of cooperation or co-training. In order to establish a cross-disciplinary learning platform for the faculties, faculties and students to cultivate common experience in solving problems and to inspire innovation and creativity, Tokai University implemented the 106-year Teaching Innovation Trial Plan. With the implementation of this project, the teaching characteristics of the Faculty of Education will be gradually established. It will bring forth new ideas in cross-disciplinary innovation and creative learning as well as the ability to practice science in a comprehensive manner. All these will enhance the learning outcomes and, more importantly, cultivate a cross-disciplinary, innovative and creative New Century Talents to Solve the Problem. ※ In this course, students of various faculties at Diji Institute share the common experience in solving problems in order to foster revolutionary feelings and understanding. They also teach methods of how to conceive creative ideas and learn together to solve difficult experiences. The theme of this semester is "Mars Mission II". Encourage students to organize their work in accordance with the task, learn the knowledge needed to complete the task, and jointly create specific solutions to problems! Students who take this course must take part in the three-day training camp between September and the week prior to the start of September (September 10-16) and the Science Creativity Competition - Mars Task II in November to present the results of the learning and training program task!

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評分方式 Grading

評分項目 Grading Method 配分比例 Grading percentage 說明 Description
Physics creative teaching
20 包括學習態度,考試,課堂提問,小組討論,作業等
Creative chemistry teaching
20 包括學習態度,考試,課堂提問,小組討論,作業等
Bio-creative teaching
20 包括學習態度,考試,課堂提問,小組討論,作業等
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學分 Credit:3-0
上課時間 Course Time:Wednesday/10,11,12[C112]
授課教師 Teacher:王昌仁/莊旻傑/陳仁祥
修課班級 Class:理工學院2-4 (理院開)
選課備註 Memo:所有學院學生皆可修習,理工學院優先。必須組隊參加東海大學創意科學競賽。

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