course information of 106 - 1 | 0430 Economics and Ethics(社會與政治:經濟與倫理)

0430 - 社會與政治:經濟與倫理 Economics and Ethics

教育目標 Course Target

本課程預定達成的課程目標有二: 1.使哲學系以及外系選修學生可以在已有的倫理學或者經濟學知識的背景上,針對課程所選定的幾個重要的經濟倫理學課題進行深入的探究。 2.讓修課學生熟悉學術研究的倫理規範,並且以「經濟與倫理」的內容為專題,引領學生探討相關的學術倫理議題。 This course is scheduled to reach the goal of two courses: 1. To enable philosophy and foreign elective students in the existing background of ethics or economics knowledge, selected for the course of several important economic ethics topics in-depth exploration. 2. To familiarize the students with the ethical norms of academic research with the content of "Economics and Ethics" as a topic to lead students to explore relevant academic ethical issues.

參考書目 Reference Books

1.Steneck, Nicolas H.著(台灣聯合大學系統信義榮譽講座編輯小組譯),《研究倫理教學手冊》,九州圖書文物有限公司,2009。
3.陳月端,<抄襲與引用--學術倫理與著作權之交錯領域>,《高大法學論叢》,8:1 2012.09[民101.09],頁133-167+169-172。
6.陳祥 ; 楊純青 ; 黃伸閔,<我國博碩士論文不當引用與剽竊型態之研究:以「科技接受模式」相關論文之文獻探討為例>,《資訊社會研究》,24 2013.01[民102.01],頁74-119。

Academic ethics part of the textbook is as follows:
1. Steneck, Nicolas H. (translated by the Editorial Team, System Librarianship, Union University, Taiwan), Handbook of Research Ethics, Kyushu Book and Culture Co., Ltd., 2009.
2. Ministry of Education, Academic Research Ethics Education Curriculum Units 1-15.
3. Chen Yue-ting, , Journal of Tall Law, 8: 1 2012.09 [Min. 101.09], pp. 133-167 + 169-172.
4. Cai Baiying, "From the wording to the structure - Guidelines for the writing of academic papers", National Taiwan University Press, 2014.
5. HUANG Shu-hong, "Academic Freedom, University Autonomy and National Supervision - Reviewing norms and supervision mechanisms of plagiarism controversy from the significance and boundaries of university autonomy", Yue Dan Law, 013.07 [Min.102.07], pp.5-27.
6. Chen Xiang; Yang Chunqing; Huang Dumin, "Research on the Improper Reference and Plagiarism Patterns of Dissertations in Chinese Dissertations: A Case Study of the Articles Related to Science and Technology Accepted Patterns," Journal of Information and Social Studies, 24 2013.01 [People 102.01], pages 74-119.
The textbooks on economics and ethics are as follows:
1. Richard T. de George, "Economic Ethics," the first chapter, Li Bu translation, (Beijing: Peking University Press, 2003).

評分方式 Grading

評分項目 Grading Method 配分比例 Grading percentage 說明 Description
Usual grades
30 出席成績20%、課堂表現與討論10%
Taiwan Academic Ethics Education Resource Center online courses completed
Ethics of Economics and Ethics Special Report on Ethics
50 包含課堂與書面報告
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學分 Credit:3-0
上課時間 Course Time:Monday/5,6,7[H317]
授課教師 Teacher:嚴瑋泓/姜文斌/蔡偉鼎
修課班級 Class:共選修2-4 (哲學系開)
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