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0320 - 日語語法(一) Japanese Grammar (I)

教育目標 Course Target

本課程的目的為整合學生到目前為止已經學習過的基礎句型,建構日語語法的整體概念架構.不同於日語母語話者,對於外語學習者的我們來說,有系統性的教學方法能讓外語學習事半功倍.因此本課程將透過說明與小組討論的方式,將學生已學習過的語法知識整合並分門別類,等整體概念建立後再進行類似表現的細部說明與討論.分析日語句子的概念可分為四大部分:客觀部分(言表事態),主觀部分(言表態度),修飾關係及接續關係.本學期將重點放置在句子的客觀部分,也就是句子所表示的事態核心.這個部分可以說是日語句子的主幹,日語裡表示名詞與動詞之間關係的格助詞,敘事時話者所採取的立場,描述事態的樣態及時態都屬於此概念框架.另外,此課程還包含了日語相當重要的一個部分,也就是常常在實際溝通場合中出現的授受表現.The purpose of this course is to integrate the basic sentence patterns that students have learned so far, and to construct the overall conceptual structure of Japanese grammar. Different from Japanese native speakers, for foreign language learners, there is a systematic teaching method that allows Foreign language learning can be done with half the effort. Therefore, this course will integrate and classify the grammar knowledge that students have already learned by means of explanation and group discussion. After the whole concept is established, detailed description and discussion of similar performance can be carried out. The concept of analyzing Japanese sentences can be analyzed. Divided into four parts: the objective part (the state of affairs), the subjective part (the attitude of the words), the modified relationship and the continuation relationship. This semester will focus on the objective part of the sentence, which is the core of the situation represented by the sentence. This part It can be said that it is the backbone of the Japanese sentence, the Japanese word for the relationship between the noun and the verb, the position taken by the narrative, and the state of the situation are all in this conceptual framework. In addition, this course also contains A very important part of Japanese, that is, the performance of the performance that often occurs in actual communication situations.

參考書目 Reference Books

1 Japanese grammar research society. 2010. "Modern Japanese Language Law 1", Tokyo: くろしお.
2 Japanese grammar research society. 2009. "Modern Japanese Language Law 2", Tokyo: くろしお.
3 Japanese Language Description Grammar Research Association. 2007. "Modern Japanese Language Law 3", Tokyo: くろしお.
4 Huang Guoyan, Zhao Jiyu. 2008. "Japanese Basic Grammar Classroom", Hongrutang Publishing House

評分方式 Grading

評分項目 Grading Method 配分比例 Grading percentage 說明 Description
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學分 Credit:2-2
上課時間 Course Time:Wednesday/3,4[HT101]
授課教師 Teacher:張又華
修課班級 Class:日文系2
選課備註 Memo:該科不分班別,請自行上網選課。1F

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