course information of 106 - 1 | 0309 Comprehensive Japanese (I) A(綜合日語(一)A)

0309 - 綜合日語(一)A Comprehensive Japanese (I) A

教育目標 Course Target

1.透過循序漸進地日語結構、語法規則的解說,讓同學能夠打好日語句型基礎,全方位習得初級日語所需之能力,並期待同學能將之運用在聽、說、讀、寫、譯等基礎能力上。 2.要求學生課前利用網路資源自我學習,課中多做練習與複習。 1. Through the gradual and progressive Japanese structure, the interpretation of grammar rules, so that students can lay the foundation of Japanese sentence, all-round learning the ability of primary Japanese, and look forward to students can be used in listening, speaking, reading, writing And other basic capacity. 2. Students are required to use the network before the self-learning resources, do more exercises and review.

參考書目 Reference Books

『大家的日本語初級 改訂版Ⅰ、Ⅱ』
『大家的日本語進階 改訂版Ⅰ、Ⅱ』
『大家的日本語初級 改訂版 讀本篇』
『大家的日本語進階 改訂版 讀本篇』
『大家的日本語初級Ⅰ、Ⅱ 改訂版 句型練習冊』
『大家的日本語進階Ⅰ、Ⅱ 改訂版 句型練習冊』
"Everyone's Japanese version of the revised version of Ⅰ, Ⅱ
"Everyone's Japanese version of the revised version of Ⅰ, Ⅱ
"Everyone's Japanese version of the original revision of this edition"
"Everyone's Japanese version of the revised version of this edition."
"Everyone's Japanese elementary class Ⅰ, Ⅱ revised version of the sentence practice book"
"Everyone's Japanese Advanced I, II Revised Sentence Workbook"

評分方式 Grading

評分項目 Grading Method 配分比例 Grading percentage 說明 Description
Usual grades
40 含小考、作業、出席率等
Midterm test
Final exam
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Course Information


學分 Credit:4-4
上課時間 Course Time:Monday/3,4,Wednesday/8,9[H209]
授課教師 Teacher:張瑜珊
修課班級 Class:日文系1
選課備註 Memo:依分班上課(2組)。未修畢綜日(一)A,無法續修綜日(二)A。

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