course information of 106 - 1 | 0251 History of Northern Peoples-Khitan(北亞民族史--契丹)

0251 - 北亞民族史--契丹 History of Northern Peoples-Khitan

教育目標 Course Target

1. 培養學生的歷史思維,建構主體性的歷史意識。 2. 培養歷史思維的能力,思辨「過去」與「現在﹧未來」的互動關係,迎接全球化所導致的各種變數。 3. 養成能夠具有多元化的視野與開放容忍差異的心態。1. Cultivate students' historical thinking and construct the historical consciousness of the subject. 2. Cultivate the ability of historical thinking, speculate on the interactive relationship between “the past” and “the present and the future,” and embrace the various variables resulting from globalization. 3. Develop a mentality that can have multiple perspectives and open tolerance differences.

參考書目 Reference Books

1. 姚從吾著,《姚從吾先生全集》,《二冊 遼朝史》、《三冊 金朝史》、《四冊 元朝史》,(台北:正中書局,1972)。
2. 張正明著,《契丹史略》,(台北:爾雅)。
3. 金毓黻著,《宋遼金史》,(台北:臺灣商務,1977)。
4. 多桑 ,馮承鈞譯,《多桑蒙古史》,(台北:正中書局)。
5. 黎傑編著,《元史》,(台北:九思,1978)。
6. 蕭啟慶著,《元代史新探》,(台北:新文豐,1983)。

1. Yao Cong Wu, Complete Works of Mr. Yao Congwu, Two Volumes of Liao Dynasty History, Three Volumes of Jin Dynasty History, Four Volumes of Yuan Dynasty History, (Taipei: Zhengzhong Book Bureau, 1972).
2. Zhang Zhengming, “Khitan Shilho” (Taipei: Erya).
3. Jin Yizhuo, The History of Song, Liao, and Gold (Taipei: Taiwan Business, 1977).
4. Dosang, translated by Feng Chengyu, History of More Than Sang Mongolia, (Taipei: Middle School Bookstore).
5. Edited by Li Jie, “The History of Yuan” (Taipei: Jiusi, 1978).
6. Xiao Qiqing, New Exploration of the History of the Yuan Dynasty (Taipei: Xin Wenfeng, 1983).

評分方式 Grading

評分項目 Grading Method 配分比例 Grading percentage 說明 Description
期中考 20% 小考20% 到課10%期末考 30% 書面報告20%期中考 20% 小考20% 到課10%期末考 30% 書面報告20%
Mid-term exam 20% Exam 20% To class 10% Final exam 30% Written report 20%
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學分 Credit:2-0
上課時間 Course Time:Thursday/6,7[H209]
授課教師 Teacher:張天佑
修課班級 Class:歷史系2-4
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