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0053 - 自然文學 Nature Literatures

教育目標 Course Target

【課程目標】:一、以當代生態文評(ecocriticism)觀點探討文學與自然(物理環境)的關係。二、熟悉當代西方與台灣的自然書寫。三、練習學術報告寫作。 【主要議題】:一、文學如何想像與再現「自然」? 二、「自然」的不同的意義如何演化? 三、如何從自然環境(如故事中的時空背景)去瞭解文學中的人物? 【涵蓋範圍】:一、生態文評基本概念:地方與空間、田園與荒野、土地倫理、生物多樣性、城市與自然。二、西方現代自然書寫經典:梭羅、艾比、利奧波德、史耐德、威爾森。三、台灣當代自然書寫:陳冠學、凌拂、心岱、陳玉峰、徐仁修、劉克襄、王家祥、夏曼‧藍波安、廖鴻基、吳明益等。四、經典詩歌與小說中的自然:高行建、黃春明、王文興、鄭愁予、羅門、林泠、楊牧等。 [Course objectives] 1. Discuss the relationship between literature and nature (physical environment) from the perspective of contemporary ecocriticism. Second, familiar with the natural writing of contemporary Western and Taiwan. Third, practice writing academic reports. [Main topics]: 1. How does literature imagine and reproduce "nature"? Second, how does the different meaning of "Nature" evolve? Third, how to understand the characters in the literature from the natural environment (such as the space-time background in the story)? [Scope of Coverage]: First, the basic concepts of ecological review: local and space, pastoral and wilderness, land ethics, biodiversity, cities and nature. Second, the Western natural writing classics: Thoreau, Abby, Leopold, Schneider, Wilson. Third, Taiwan's contemporary natural writing: Chen Guanxue, Ling Xiao, Xin Xin, Chen Yufeng, Xu Renxiu, Liu Kejian, Wang Jiaxiang, Xia Man Lan Boan, Liao Hongji, Wu Mingyi and others. Fourth, the nature of classical poetry and novels: Gao Xingjian, Huang Chunming, Wang Wenxing, Zheng Yuyu, Luo Men, Lin Biao, Yang Mu and so on.

參考書目 Reference Books

Gary Snyder:The Practice of the Wild (Berkeley: North Point, 1990)
Greg Garrard:Ecocriticism (Routledge, 2004)
Melissa Walker ed.: Reading the Environment ((Norton&Company, 1994)

Wu Mingyi: "Taiwan Natural Writing Selection" (Di Yu, 2003)
Xia Man Lan Boan: "Deep Sea Cold" (United Literature, 1997)
Liao Hung-chi: "After Mountain Whale" (United Literature, 2008)
Luo Meng: "Natural Poetry" (Literature and History, 1995)
Duan Yifu's “Space and Place in the Perspective of Experience” (National Compilation Hall, 1997)
Thoreau: "The place where I live; the purpose of my life>" Lakeside Records (Zhiwen Press, 1999)
Leopold: "Thinking Like a Mountain" Shahe Age (Universal Culture, 1998)
Wilson "Colorful Life" (Universal Culture, 1997)
Abby: Travelers in the Wilderness (Tianxia Culture, 2000)
Gary Snyder: The Practice of the Wild (Berkeley: North Point, 1990)
Greg Garrard: Ecocriticism (Routledge, 2004)
Melissa Walker ed.: Reading the Environment ((Norton&Company, 1994)

評分方式 Grading

評分項目 Grading Method 配分比例 Grading percentage 說明 Description
Midterm exam
Final written report (4000 words)
Class report and attend class
20 (可無故缺席2次但不能耽誤報告。第3次起每次扣學期總成績5分)
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學分 Credit:3-0
上課時間 Course Time:Thursday/7,8,9[H305]
授課教師 Teacher:彭錦堂
修課班級 Class:中文系3
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