course information of 106 - 1 | 0047 Topics on In-depth Reporting: Dietary Literature(深度報導專題:飲食文學)

0047 - 深度報導專題:飲食文學 Topics on In-depth Reporting: Dietary Literature

教育目標 Course Target

※課程目標 (Course Objective) 1.自來,大學教育以分科分系來規畫學習知識的方式,早為有識之士憂慮學習領域過於精深化,而規劃通識課程期能發揮修補效能。 2.而受到全球化發展,影響所及,對跨領域知識的追求熱忱與運用能力,更迅速成為社會新鮮人所需具備。 3.共時授課,是高等教育界為因應上述趨勢所創設,並期盼教師勇於嘗試,以引導學生更有效進行跨領域知識的學習與運用。 4.開拓觀察視野,是磨練報導能力的基石。而對飲食文化的觀察與報導,可以磨練出:對飲食料理者的工作與生活態度觀點 ■ 課程內涵 (Course Contents) 1.民以食為天,而文化則是生活的整體表現。經由對飲食的集體態度與習性做觀察、探索、省思、辯證,對生活場域作深度與廣度的探討,可望有助學生建構出富含結構張力的文字。 2.本課程在「共時授課」的架構之下,學生可以獲得報導書寫與飲食文化二個領域的學習資源。 3.交叉討論有助學習廣度:積極引導同學加入與:業師+餐旅系、文學系教師作對話,將可獲致的教學效果。 4.田野參訪有助學習深度:尋覓驗證的場域,作深層結構的探索。※ Course Objectives (Course Objective)  1. Since then, university education plans to draw lessons from knowledge by subdivision. As early as the people of insight are worried about over-deepening of the learning field, and planning general education courses can play a role in patching up. 2. With the development and influence of globalization, the enthusiasm and ability to apply cross-domain knowledge are more quickly becoming what the fresh people in the community need. 3. Teaching in synchronic mode is created by the higher education community in response to the above trend and expects teachers to bravely try to guide students to learn and use cross-disciplinary knowledge more effectively. 4. Open up the field of vision is the cornerstone of hone reporting ability. While the observation and reporting of food culture, you can hone out: the attitude of the food cooker's work and life attitude ■ Course Contents 1. People eat food, but culture is the overall performance of life. By observing, exploring, thinking and dialectically examining the collective attitude and habits of eating, the discussion of the depth and breadth of living areas is expected to help students to construct a structure-rich text. 2. Under the framework of "simultaneous teaching", this course provides students with access to learning resources in both fields of writing and catering. 3. Cross discussion helps to learn breadth: Actively guide students to join with: Teachers + Travel and Hospitality Department, Literature Department of dialogue for teachers will result in teaching effectiveness. 4. Field visits help to learn the depth: looking for verification of the field for deep structure exploration.

課程概述 Course Description

To broaden the horizons of observation is the cornerstone of honesty and reporting capabilities. While the observation and reporting of food culture, you can hone out: the attitude of the food cooker's work and life attitude

參考書目 Reference Books

2.《路上觀察學入門》/南 伸坊、藤森照信、赤瀨川原平合編,嚴可亭、黃碧君、林皎碧合譯,行人出版社,2014年5月。
Magazine category
1. Taiwan's first "human magazine" (library collection) taking a public position
2. Mei corner magazine
 Book class
1. "The core value of the coverage of literature - On the" World Magazine "/ Ruan Taoyuan, 2011 / June
2. Introduction to Observatory on the Road / Namien Square, Fujimori Erika, Akase 川 原 平 合, Yan Kenting, Huang Bijun, Lin Jiao Bi Hop Translation, Pedestrian Press, 2014 May.
3. "Postmodern History"
4. "Postmodern Historical Narratology"
5. "Media Control" / Hang Shiji (Noom Chomsky) with, Jiang Li Mei translation, Taipei, wheat press.
6. "Novel Theory" / Lukacs, Yang Hengda / Qiu Wei translation.
7. Introduction to Socio-Cultural Anthropology / Small Places, Major Topics / [Thomas To Orchid, Ericsson, Dong Wei, Beijing / Commercial Press, 2008

評分方式 Grading

評分項目 Grading Method 配分比例 Grading percentage 說明 Description
Class discussion cross talk enthusiasm
Field participation in the field
Interview draft of the work
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學分 Credit:3-0
上課時間 Course Time:Tuesday/5,6,7[H306]
授課教師 Teacher:阮桃園/周碩雄
修課班級 Class:中文系2
選課備註 Memo:中文二優先

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