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0037 - 散文創作 Modern Prose Writing

教育目標 Course Target

課程目標: 1、引領學生閱讀散文作品,並建立自身的審美能力,能判斷作品的優劣,組織自己的創作觀。 2、開發「散文」這一文類的延展性與可能性,學習行文之技巧,並創造自己的風格。 課程內涵: 1、本課程將以散文創作中最基本的「我」這一人稱出發,引領學生如何在創作中用「我」說話──涉及聲腔、文字、風格、意象等種種技術的使用,並且將擴及散文寫作的種種週邊命題。除了課堂閱讀的文本材料,尚配合主題,輔佐以電影、戲劇等文本。 2、修課學生需於期中考週提出寫作觀或寫作計畫,並上台發表。期末則必須繳交散文作品(3000字~6000字),和同學交換互評。寫作計畫(觀)、期末作品、課堂評論,皆納入成績。課堂並有不定期的寫作練習。Course objectives: 1, to lead students to read essay works, and establish their own aesthetic ability, to determine the merits of works, organize their own creative concept. Develop the scalability and possibility of "essay" in this genre, learn the language skills, and create your own style. Course content: 1. This course will start with the most basic "I" in prose creation, and lead students to use "I" to talk in their works - involving the use of various techniques such as voice cavity, writing, style and image, and will expand And various kinds of peripheral propositions of essay writing. In addition to reading the text materials in class, still with the theme, assisted by the film, drama and other text. 2, students need to be in mid-term exam week writing concept or writing plan, and came to power published. The end of the prose must submit works (3000 words to 6000 words), and peer exchange of peer review. Writing plan (view), the final works, class comments, are included in the score. Classrooms with occasional writing exercises.

課程概述 Course Description

This course will lead students to think together the boundaries, norms and philosophical meanings of their essay creation by means of reading and writing in parallel. In the practice of writing, they are expected to inspire students through texts or films and other mediums Own style, the personal character and tone into words, forming a high degree of recognition, with personal writing.

參考書目 Reference Books

Raymond Horno Style Practice, Taipei: One, 2016.
Christie "terrorist power", Taipei: Laurel, 2003.
Roland Butter "Ming Room", Taipei: Taiwan Photography, 1997.
Jacques Langcy "The flesh of words", Shaanxi: Northwestern University, 2015.
Philip F. Grenler, "Autobiography Contract," Beijing: Living, Reading, Shinnichi Joint Publishing, 2001.

評分方式 Grading

評分項目 Grading Method 配分比例 Grading percentage 說明 Description
class disscussion
Attendance status
Mid-term creative exercises
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學分 Credit:3-0
上課時間 Course Time:Tuesday/5,6,7[H308]
授課教師 Teacher:劉淑貞
修課班級 Class:中文系1
選課備註 Memo:中文一優先

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