course information of 106 - 1 | 0036 Taiwanese Opera Appreciation(台灣地方戲曲欣賞)

0036 - 台灣地方戲曲欣賞 Taiwanese Opera Appreciation

教育目標 Course Target

一、介紹各種不同型態的歌仔戲、京戲、布袋戲等劇種,改變e世代年輕人對於傳統戲曲的刻版印象。 二、介紹多種民間常見的傳統表演,喚起e世代年輕人兒時對傳統戲曲的遙遠記憶。 三、鼓勵學生走進劇場、觀賞藝文活動,繳交校外看戲心得報告,提升e世代年輕人對傳統戲曲的參與度。 四、邀請劇團或藝人蒞校演講,讓戲曲工作者有直接接觸e世代年輕人的機會。本課程首先以「臺灣地方戲曲」的整體觀念為重點,開宗明義介紹臺灣自有史以來戲曲活動的發展軌跡。其次以劇種為單位,首先介紹唯一土生土長的代表劇種?歌仔戲。縱向介紹其百年歷史,及落地掃、外台歌仔戲、現代劇場歌仔戲等不同表演形式。 其次則針對其他地方劇種,介紹臺灣南管戲、北管戲、布袋戲、京劇、豫劇、崑劇、越劇等個別劇種的發展概況,從中體會欣賞臺灣地方戲曲的入門之道,並對本課程所學習的內容,可以作出回顧、統整、與映證。First, introduce various different types of operas such as Taiwanese operas, Beijing operas, and puppet shows, and change the impressions of young people of the e generation on traditional operas. Second, introduce a variety of traditional folk performances, to evoke the distant memories of traditional opera in the e-generation of young people. Third, encourage students to enter the theater, watch art and cultural activities, pay a report on the outside of the school to see the drama, and enhance the participation of young people of the e generation in traditional opera. 4. Invite the troupe or entertainer to give a speech at the school, so that the drama workers have the opportunity to directly contact the e-generation young people. This course begins with the overall concept of "Taiwanese local opera" as the focus, and introduces the development track of Taiwanese opera since its inception. Secondly, with the drama as the unit, first introduce the only representative drama that is native and indigenous. Taiwanese opera. Longitudinal introduction of its 100-year history, and the different forms of performance such as the floor sweeping, the Taiwanese opera, and the modern theater.     Secondly, it introduces the development of individual dramas such as Taiwan’s Southern Opera, Northern Opera, Budai, Peking Opera, Henan Opera, Kunqu Opera and Yue Opera, and appreciates the introduction of Taiwan’s local operas. The content of the study can be reviewed, integrated, and reflected.

參考書目 Reference Books

"The Beauty of Traditional Taiwanese Opera", by Zeng Yongyi, You Zongrong, Lin Mingde, Taipei: Morning Star Press, 2003
"Taiwanese Traditional Opera", edited by Chen Fang, Taipei: Student Bookstore, 2004
"Taiwan Drama History (Additional Edition)", Lin Heyi, Taipei: National Taiwan University Publishing Center, 2015

評分方式 Grading

評分項目 Grading Method 配分比例 Grading percentage 說明 Description
Ordinary performance
Attendance rate
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學分 Credit:3-0
上課時間 Course Time:Monday/6,7,8[H305]
授課教師 Teacher:李佳蓮
修課班級 Class:中文系1
選課備註 Memo:中文一優先

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