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0027 - 歷代文選及習作 Readings on Chinese Prose with Writing Practice

教育目標 Course Target

文學並非一切,但一切皆可為文學。所以透過文學作品的閱讀,可以裨益瞭解藝術,瞭解文化,更重要的,瞭解人生及人性。 我們期許文學能自傳統的教科書及科目考試中解放,使大眾皆能領略文學之美,進而創作、評斷文學。亦即,本課以程追求文學的生活化為目標,要在使同學能學習審視、沈思、書寫、表達內在的心靈世界,並深化對於古典文學作品的知識及涵養。本課程以斷代為綱,每一主題選取特定相關作品,或配合相關電影,除了解析、探討其中的美學與文化的質素外,更期望同學在研讀後,培養文學與美學的心靈,照見自我生命,能反思當下存在的意義。Literature is not everything, but everything can be literature. Therefore, reading through literary works can benefit from understanding art, understanding culture, and more importantly, understanding life and humanity. We hope that literature can be liberated from traditional textbooks and subject tests so that all people can appreciate the beauty of literature and then create and judge literature. In other words, this course aims to pursue the life of literature, and it is necessary to enable students to learn to examine, meditate, write, and express the inner world of mind, and to deepen the knowledge and conservation of classical literary works. This course is based on the theme of "breaking generations." Each topic selects specific related works, or cooperates with related movies. In addition to analyzing and exploring the aesthetic and cultural qualities, students are expected to cultivate the spirit of literature and aesthetics and take care of their own lives after studying. Can reflect on the existing meaning.

課程概述 Course Description

A班: 本課程為大學部必修科,在中文系三年級開設。以歷代散體古文為講授範圍,修讀之學生,可以獲致古代文體知識、了解歷代文章發展,獲致古文寫作之專業訓練。 本課程之教學目標在引領學生掌握歷代文章資料,研究歷代文章發展歷程,閱讀經典作品。第一學期之教學內容為:1.歷代文章概述:文體序說、歷代文章發展概述2.明清文選讀 3.金元文選讀。第二學期之教學內容為:4.唐宋文選讀 5.漢魏六朝文選讀 6.先秦文選讀修讀之學生,可對於中國古典文學作本源性之觀察與探討,奠定未來從事學術研究或服務社會之能力。 B班: 本課程為中文系大三必修課程。目的在於貫串中國古典散文之研究,使學生瞭解各時期散文之發展、成就與特色,充分研讀重要作家之作品,厚植學生對文言文之閱讀與理解能力,進一步掌握文言之寫作要領,具備文言寫作之能力。
Class A: This course is a compulsory subject of the University Department and is set up in the third year of the Chinese Department. Taking ancient scattered ancient texts as teaching scope, students who study can obtain ancient stylistic knowledge, understand the development of ancient texts, and receive professional training in classical writing. The teaching objectives of this course are to lead students to master the historical articles, study the development history of historical articles, and read classic works. The contents of the first semester are as follows: 1. Overview of the articles in the history: The preface of the genre, an overview of the development of the past dynasties 2. The reading of the Ming and Qing dynasties. 3. The reading of the gold literary essay. The content of the second semester is: 4. Selected readings of the Tang and Song dynasties 5. Selected readings of the Han and Wei six dynasties. 6. Students who studied in the pre-Qin dynasty can observe and explore the origin of Chinese classical literature, laying a foundation for future academic research or serving the society. The ability. Class B: This course is a required course for juniors in Chinese. The purpose is to carry through the study of Chinese classical prose to enable students to understand the development, achievements, and characteristics of prose in each period, to fully study the works of important writers, to build students' ability to read and understand classical Chinese, to further master the writing skills of the literary words, and to have classical writing. The ability.

參考書目 Reference Books

Jiang Tao Editor-in-Chief: Selected Works of Chinese Literature Appreciation Collections (Taipei: Zhuang Yan Press)

評分方式 Grading

評分項目 Grading Method 配分比例 Grading percentage 說明 Description
Ancient Writings
Final exam
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