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0026 - 聲韻學 Historical Chinese Phonology

教育目標 Course Target

本課程為中文系語言學類必修課程。主要教學目的在使同學具備漢語音韻學基本知識,了解現代國語、方言與古漢語音系間的關連及語音演變的規則。課程的設計強調漢語歷史研究中的「方法」、「觀念」與「材料」。上學期的課程講述基礎語音學、音系學知識,瞭解現代國語音系,以及各大漢語方言現況。建立基本語言研究知能後,由現代國語與漢語方言音系向中古音推展,銜接中古音系,研讀中古重要韻書、韻圖等文獻材料,輔以歷史語言學中的譜系樹理論、歷史比較方法理論,使同學了解如何構擬中古音系,並能進而繼續研究上古音系。下學期課程旨在瞭解古漢語「聲母」、「韻母」、「聲調」系統的歷史發展與演變規律,並探討造成各時期漢語音韻變化的原因。課程的焦點放在廣韻音系與現代國語音系的聯繫之上,藉由中古到現代的語音演變知識,說明漢語語音的重建過程、方法與語言發展的模型。This course is a required course in Chinese language linguistics. The main purpose of the teaching is to enable students to have the basic knowledge of Chinese phonology and to understand the connection between modern Mandarin, dialects and ancient Chinese phonology, and the rules for the evolution of phonology. The design of the course emphasizes "methods", "concepts" and "materials" in the study of Chinese history. The previous semester course covered the basic phonetics and phonology, the modern Chinese phonetic system, and the current status of major Chinese dialects. After establishing basic language research and knowledge, from Modern Mandarin and Chinese dialect phonology to Middle Ancient Tones, linking Middle Chinese phonology, studying ancient Middle Rhymes, Rhymes and other literature materials, supplemented by pedigree tree theory and historical comparison methods in historical linguistics Theory allows students to understand how to construct the Middle Ages phonology and continue to study the ancient phonology. The next semester course aims to understand the historical development and evolution of the ancient Chinese "initials", "vowels", and "tone" systems, and to explore the causes of changes in Chinese phonology in various periods. The focus of the course is on the connection between the Guangyun phonology department and the modern Chinese phonological department. Through the ancient to modern phonetic evolution knowledge, the reconstruction process, method, and language development model of Chinese speech are explained.

課程概述 Course Description

A班:聲韻學是我國傳統的字音之學,教學目的在讓學習者充分掌握、了解我國各個不同時期的字音結構特色、及其發展演變的情形。授課的主要內容包括:聲韻學的效用、語音學常識、國語音系、現代方音、早期官話、中古音系,上古音系、上古字音至現代的演變、文學與音律等等。本課程目前在中文系屬必修科目,學生若通過此訓練,由於對漢字、各地方音的特色、發展演變均能較充分的掌握,藉此知識,當可增進其欣賞文學作品、研讀古代典藉的能力。 B班:本課程為中文系語言學類課程。主要教學目的在使同學具備聲韻學基本知識,了解現代國語、方言與中古音系及語音演變的現象與規則。教學由現代國語與方言音系入門,而後以中古音系為主幹,在研讀中古韻書與韻圖的基礎上,使同學了解如何構擬中古音系,並能進而研究上古音系。至於音系演變上則著重講授中古到現代及中古上推上古成系統的音變。且將藉由課堂與課後練習與其他相關領域結合,使學生了解如何運用所學之聲韻學知識。
Class A: Phonology is China's traditional study of words and sounds. The purpose of teaching is to let learners fully grasp and understand the characteristics of word and sound structure and its evolution in different periods in China. The main contents of the lecture include: the effects of phonology, common knowledge of phonetics, the Department of Chinese Phonetics, modern Fangyin, early Mandarin, Middle Eastern phonology, the evolution of ancient phonology, ancient Chinese pronunciation, and modern literature, literary and melody. This course is currently a compulsory course in the Chinese language. If students pass this training, they will be able to fully grasp the characteristics and development of Chinese characters and local sounds. With this knowledge, they can enhance their appreciation of literary works and study ancient codes. Borrowing power. Class B: This course is a Chinese language course. The main purpose of the teaching is to enable students to have the basic knowledge of phonology and to understand the phenomena and rules of modern Mandarin, dialects and Middle Ages phonology and the evolution of phonology. The teaching is based on the modern Mandarin and dialect phonology, and then the Middle Ages phonology is the mainstay. After studying the ancient rhyme book and the rhyme diagram, the students can understand how to construct the Middle Chinese phonology, and can further study the ancient phonology. As for the evolution of phonology, it focuses on teaching the ancient-to-modern and ancient-time sound system of the ancient system. It will combine classroom and after-school exercises with other related fields to enable students to understand how to apply the learned phonological knowledge.

參考書目 Reference Books

Designated reading:
Yu Jianing (2005) "Feng Yun Xue" Wunan Publishing House
He Daan (1996) “The Ideas and Methods in Phonology” Daan Publishing House

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