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0021 - 詩選及習作 Readings on Chinese Poetry with Writing Practice

教育目標 Course Target

一、閱讀歷代重要詩人詩作 二、學習詩歌鑑賞方法 三、從詩作深入詩人生命情境 四、古典詩歌習作First, read important poets of ancient times Second, learn poetry appreciation method Third, in-depth poet life situation Fourth, classical poetry exercises

課程概述 Course Description

A班;古典詩學在中國文學發展中極具代表性,是以「詩選與習作」乃中文系必修基礎課程之一。本課程從古詩至近體詩演變過程中,擇選名家詩作,加以研讀,由於本課程乃學年課,課程安排以上學期教授古體詩,下學期教授近體詩為原則,配合習作原則講授,以期訓練學生具備讀詩-賞詩─吟詩─作詩之能力。主要授課內容包含:詩學基礎知識、歷代詩選讀、古典詩習作三個主軸。教學目標有四:建構基礎古典詩學知識、掌握中國詩學發展脈動、重要詩家作品認識及品鑒、奠定古典詩創作興趣及基礎。預期通過本課程之學生可培養「登高能賦,可以為大夫」,「不學詩無以言也」的能力,達到「溫柔敦厚」的詩教涵育。 B班:本課程為大二必修課程,針對中國文學最為燦爛的文類—古典詩,選講先秦漢魏晉南北朝詩、唐宋詩、明清詩,並講解詩歌格律及作法,期望培養學生古典詩歌之閱讀、鑑賞與寫作能力,並進而能深入研究古典詩相關論題。
A class; classical poetics in the development of Chinese literature is very representative, is "poetry selection and learning" is one of the basic courses in compulsory Chinese. This course is based on the principle of teaching ancient body poetry in the last semester and the teaching of near-body poetry in the next semester, in accordance with the principles of the operation, in order to train students to read poems - Appreciation of poetry - poetry - the ability to make poetry. The main lectures include: basic knowledge of poetry, ancient poetry reading, classical poetry three main axis. There are four teaching goals: building the foundation of classical poetics, mastering the pulse of Chinese poetics, understanding and tasting important poet works, and laying the foundation for the creation of classical poetry. It is expected that students who pass this course will be able to cultivate "gentle and honest" poetic education through their ability to cultivate "ascending a genius, be a doctor" and "do not learn anything without words." Class B: This course is a compulsory course for sophomores. Aiming at the most brilliant genre of Chinese literature, classical poetry, this essay is about the pre-Qin, Han, Wei and Jin dynasties, Southern and Northern Dynasties poetry, Tang and Song dynasties, Ming and Qing dynasties, Poetry, reading, appreciation and writing ability, and then be able to in-depth study of classical poems related topics.

參考書目 Reference Books

A selection of ancient poems, Zheng Wenhui and other election notes, Bookstall Bookstore
Two. Ancient poetry source, Shen Qian, Zhonghua Book Company
Three Tang and Song poetry to be, high step Ying, Ming-lun bookstore

評分方式 Grading

評分項目 Grading Method 配分比例 Grading percentage 說明 Description
Final exam
Usual grades
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學分 Credit:2-2
上課時間 Course Time:Tuesday/3,4[H307]
授課教師 Teacher:呂珍玉
修課班級 Class:中文系2B
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